Sublime writing is the art of unwriting what has made us NOW. The denial of eyes, incorporation of lies, make-believe flights, and a thousand other thoughts meant to be forgotten only to be remembered in the damnation of the self. It’s only a matter of going beyond what is expected: that the next line would fall in tune would rather be death than rest. What are words after all but lexicons which man has injected meanings to.

That too–because writing can never be taught, disown what the egghead tells. Molest a Muse to make you come in multiples.

–Karlo Jose R. Pineda



  1. WB said,

    What a wonderful and powerful “Message” ! 🙂 (seen in Philippine Graphic)
    Congratulations and thank you, It was pleasant to read it.

  2. Mohammad Reiza said,

    What an illuminating and thought-provoking welcome post!

    Fabulous and inspiring. Have linked your weblog to mine.

    Keep writing and inspiring.



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